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Bring us your ideas and your vision, and together, we'll create a space reflecting your family and your lifestyle. Our team of award-winning designers, experienced craftsmen and a staff that orchestrates every detail works together to ensure your design and renovation experience is positive and worry-free.

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Proudly helping people build their dream house and offices in the Teaneck and Englewood area.

Servicing the Englewood and Teaneck communities for years, A. P. Design & Construction LLC is a comprehensive local provider of exquisite residential and commercial remodels, flawless new constructions, and seamless additions.

Focusing on quality and service, we want our customers to be happy with the work we do. No matter the size or complexity of the job, we always aim for complete satisfaction and delivering the kind of final results that drastically improve your property.

Your new construction or remodel is right around the corner - call A. P. Design & Construction LLC at 201-898-9136.

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Other painting companies in Teaneck and Englewood may be out the door while the first coat of paint is drying, but A. P. Design & Construction LLC believes in a full interior painting service that guarantees the quality of your home's new look. From color consultation to adding finishing textural touches, you'll get the walls you want and nothing less.

The other side of the coin is our knowledge and ability to paint any type of exterior. Wind and weather can erode your home's exterior paint in a hurry, but A. P. Design & Construction LLC has the right answer to provide long-lasting, attractive finishes. Exterior painting is about two things - quality materials and flawless execution. As the top exterior painting services provide, we excel at both.

With the right blend of impressive painting skills, customer services, and great prices, A. P. Design & Construction LLC is the right choice. Call us at 201-898-9136.

In an ideal world, nobody will ever notice the installation of your flooring. Quietly blending into the background, the details of a perfect floor installation are meant to be hidden, whether it's hardwood or tiles. At A. P. Design & Construction LLC, we're proud to be Teaneck and Englewood's best at providing immaculate installations whose details are never seen..

Regardless of if you prefer vinyl or parquet, A. P. Design & Construction LLC will approach each job with the same level of care that leads to a great install. During the planning phase, we'll take accurate measurements and give you an accurate quote for the costs to avoid unpleasant surprises like running out of material or hidden charges at the end of the job.

What you'll quickly see with a flooring installation by A. P. Design & Construction LLC is the customer service we bring to the table. Like you, we're local and doing a poor job is simply not an option. Our reputation for quality flooring installation is what keeps us in business and why we strive to be the best every time we lay down laminate, wooden planks, or any other flooring type.

To discuss the different types of flooring installations available, dial 201-898-9136 to speak to a A. P. Design & Construction LLC expert.

No repair is too big or small! All work will be completed on time and on budget. We are your one-stop shop in the Teaneck and Englewood area for all handyman services including furniture assembly, TV installation, closet and shelving, and just about anything in and around your home.Call us today!

In many homes, the bathroom is often the room most in need of a renovation, but the last to be done. However, the difference that a bathroom remodel can make is huge and you certainly won't regret the decision. A. P. Design & Construction LLC is here to help with a professional design-build bathroom remodel that addresses every detail of the room in Teaneck, Englewood, and its surrounding areas.

For any bathroom remodel, a A. P. Design & Construction LLC specialist will visit your home to not only see the room but also to hear what problems you're looking to solve with the renovation. Better showers, toilets, and sinks are common concerns, but we'll also look for other ways to provide big improvements, such as bathroom lighting, flooring, and organizing fixtures to maximize the usable space.

We understand that completing a bathroom remodel can be a trying time. For that reason, our team of experts will work around your schedule to make as little an imposition as possible. While on the job, we'll work effectively to ensure that the bathroom renovation goes quickly without sacrificing quality and get your bathroom back to full functionality.

To schedule a visit from a A. P. Design & Construction LLC bathroom renovation expert, call 201-898-9136.

As the true hub of your home, your kitchen is literally where the magic happens - it's where families come together and where meaningful memories are made. At A. P. Design & Construction LLC, our kitchen remodels concentrate both on the attractiveness and functionality of your kitchen to make sure that everything is perfect from top to bottom.

Available all the way from assisting with design to putting the final touches on your kitchen, we'll guide every step of the process, from sourcing fixtures and appliances at the right price to adding custom-built cabinets and trim work that makes your kitchen stand out from the crowd. With seamless kitchen remodeling experience, you'll see the A. P. Design & Construction LLC difference.

We understand that budget is always a concern with a kitchen remodel and for that reason, we'll always search deep to find the best deals possible. Keeping your costs low while providing the best bang for your buck is what we do. Our pricing is completely transparent and the final invoice will clearly show all items and materials as well as the labor expense.

Get a top level renovation done in Teaneck, Englewood, and the surrounding areas with A. P. Design & Construction LLC and start enjoying your time in the kitchen.

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